Thrift Store Original Painting–$5 Find

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thrift-store-original-painting--$5-findI have to share my latest thrift store find…it was a real winner. Look at this gorgeous framed original painting that I got for only five dollars! I love how intricate the brush strokes are and how he uses so many colors in the trees. If I could paint, this is the way I would love to be able to paint. I’m just too intimidated to try!

thrift-store-original-painting--$5-findThe back of the painting says “original painting by Montevani, Italy”. You can tell it’s pretty old from the condition of the canvas. I tried looking him up on the Internet but I couldn’t find out much. But you can tell, even if not famous, he had a beautiful talent that I wish I had. I did find other paintings by him that go for $200 and up at least. What an exciting find!

I put the painting in my dining room where everyone can enjoy it. In the mornings, the sunlight dances across the canvas making the image almost come alive! It makes me happy.


Carol #strivetosimplify

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