Birthdays and Their True Meaning

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Geri’s birthday was this week. Most of us celebrate with the usual festive party of balloons, cake, gifts, and singing. And we’re no different; we plan on presents, food, and fun (but no singing) for Geri’s celebration.

Others look to the stars and read their horoscope, hoping for insight into a better understanding of themselves.

But I think the true meaning of this celebration is much more. It’s a chance to tell that person how their life has affected them.

I have a handful of close, dear friends; Geri is one of them. When I celebrate her birthday, it’s as much a celebration for me as it is for her. Her birth, her existence, has changed the lives of those around her, and especially those she’s close to.

This theme was expressed in the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life. What would the lives of those around her be like if she had not been born? I know my life would not be as colorful if I had not met her, and I’m sure her family and other close friends would say the same.

That’s the true meaning of a birthday celebration…celebrating how that person has touched your life, and thanking them for being a part of it. So thank you, Geri, for making my life better. Happy Birthday.



  1. May you have a very happy birthday Alex. Celebrate your own self-worth and all the goodness inside you.

  2. Thanks for this, I’m celebrating my 18th birthday tomorrow (July 3) and I’m technically not celebrating it. I’ve given up on birthdays years ago. I’m just looking for some reason to be happy without doing anything extravagant.

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