Carol’s Top 15 Tips to Simplify Your Life

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Work, kids, spouses, friends, volunteering…it can become overwhelming at times. We all have our little tricks for handling our busy lives. Here are my top 15 tricks that I use every day to simplify my sometimes-crazy life! What’s your favorite tip to simplify your life?

  1. Get ready the night before: Put out your clothing and jewelry; put all paperwork by the door, pack your lunch bag.
  2. Create a honey-do list: Even if you’re the “honey”, make a list of 5-7 things you are going to do the next day or on the weekend. It feels good crossing them off.
  3. 30-second rule: Spend 30 seconds putting something away. It is easier to put away the dog toys or hang up one outfit at the end of the day than it is to pick up a week’s worth.
  4. Rule of 80/20: You use 20% of your stuff 80% of the time – your favorite outfit for example. We all have stuff we don’t use or need; getting rid of it is the hard part. Box it, tape it, date it, and dump or donate it.
  5. Recycle it: Go through your mail every day. Immediately read it, recycle it, toss it, file bills to pay, and add important reminders in your calendar.
  6. Start small: Break large tasks down into small to-do items. Clean one shelf of your refrigerator a week, for example. Or, set a timer for 20 minutes and stop cleaning when the bell rings.
  7. Write it down: Need laundry soap? A friend has a new address? Write it down and include the details because, believe me, you’ll pick up that nameless phone number later and wonder who the heck it belongs to.
  8. Say no gracefully: and don’t feeling guilty. Have a simple sincere sentence ready. “I’m sorry I only do two volunteer projects a year and I’ve already done mine for this year.”
  9. Multitask: Waiting for the 3-minute microwave popcorn to pop? Add dishes to the dishwasher. Brush your teeth while showering. Or use that used, soft facial cleansing pad to wipe down the sink before throwing it away.
  10. Simplify errands: Find a shopping center that has most everything you need. Or only visit stores in one part of town instead of wasting time and money driving all over town.
  11. Simplify your finances: Sign up for free online bill pay. Set up automatic monthly payments for credit cards so you’re never late on payments. Enter bills with future pay dates so you’ll never forget that electric bill.
  12. Delegate to others: Have a task calendar with husband and kids’ names and chores. Don’t forget to reward them for jobs done. A word of praise or a hug goes a long way.
  13. Cook extra: Make a double batch and freeze it for a later date. Chop extra onion and vegetables, baggie them, and freeze. Turn leftovers into new dishes by just using your creativity.
  14. Deal with paper clutter: Rip out the interesting articles, or cancel those magazine subscriptions that you never read. File away important papers; toss the ones that are past their retention date.
  15. Organize your drawers and cabinets: Simple boxes can organize supplies, toiletries, and personal items. Put like items together. Not only will you know where to find something but you won’t waste money buying items you already had.

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