Create a Lily Pond in a Vase

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I work in a typical corporate office cube…three walls of fabric covered who-knows-what.  To liven up my space where most of my day’s hours are spent, I like to keep greenery around.  For little effort or money, you can create a Monet inspired indoor pond to keep on your desk or at home. They’re also perfect for a beautiful lily pond centerpiece.

Most lily foliage is large. We’ve all seen photos of frogs sitting on a large lily pad.  But by substituting the smaller Galax leaves for the much bigger pond foliage, the arrangement will fit inside your glass container.

First you’ll need these tools:

  • Floral frogs (small green circles with teeth to hold stems)
  • Cylindrical vases
  • Floral shears
  • Water lily flowers and galax leaves (order both from a florist)
  • River stones

Place your frogs down inside your vase. Cut the lily flowers and galax leaves to the height you prefer. Make your flower stems longer since they need to sit above the water line. Insert one or more of each stem into frog.

Cover frogs with rocks, and fill vases with enough water to partially cover the leaves, but not the flowers (see photo).

Trim stems and change water daily.

Tip: Hardy water lilies open only during the day but tropical ones can bloom day or night.  Ask your florist about which you prefer.


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