Donate And Shop Your Local Thrift Store

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thrift-store-bunny-inspired-meWhat’s not to love about shopping thrift stores!  There are the great deals you can’t believe you snagged at that price, items that beg to become something different, collectibles, gift ideas and even items that are new with the tags still attached and all for an unbelievable price.  I have found some wonderful steals that I was able to sell on eBay for quite a profit! I haven’t become rich off of my sales, but I have been able to make enough for a few little  projects around my home.  And then there are those items like my adorable little bunny that found her way into my heart and home–she spoke to me!!  Time to rethink shopping your local thrift stores.

I didn’t always donate my old and unused items.  I couldn’t rationalize anyone else wanting something that I loved to death or used beyond recognition.  But after my first thrift store shopping experience, I quickly re-evaluated that mind set. Everything can become something new and find a home. This is where imagination and creativity meet.

donate-to-your-local-thrift-storeSo please donate all your unused and unwanted items.  And don’t forget your receipt so that you can take advantage of a tax deduction on your tax return. A win-win for everyone!

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  1. I love shopping thrift stores. I have found so many good things. Love your bunny.

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