Don’t Let Your Coupons Expire

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Today I am sharing my frustration over letting all those great, money saving coupons go to waste simply because they are forgotten!! I am not talking about grocery store coupons this time, but instead about all those valuable restaurant, store and service coupons.

By the time I had finished checking expiration dates, I had thrown away more than half of my “collection”.  I realized all the coupons that I coulda, woulda and shoulda used if only I had remembered they were there.  I don’t always take the time to go through all the coupons when I enter a store, restaurant or service establishment, which is my first mistake.  My second mistake is not cutting out those coupons that I think I have no use for and then later have to kick my fanny when I realize I really could have used them after all.  Carol asked me the other day if I had a coupon to one of her favorite restaurants.  I remember tossing it because I didn’t think I had any use for a coupon to a sushi restaurant—yuck!!  Share your coupons with family and friends, they may have a coupon to one of your favorite places.

So in my frustration, I started a simple list of all the coupons in my coupon organizer with the expiration dates.  Now with a quick look at my list I will know exactly what I have.  It only took me a few minutes to put it together and now I feel a little better organized, but in need of a nap!  See you next week!

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