13 Signs That You Are Being Too Frugal

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The definition of frugal is “living without waste; thrifty”. I like to think that I fit that definition…I recycle, I repurpose, I reuse whenever possible.  I create new recipes or cool new uses for things most people would have sense enough to throw away. I look for sales so I can dress and decorate with that high-end look without the high-end price.  But as I continue to clean out my house to get ready for my downsized new home, I realize how much excess I’ve accumulated over the years. OMG!

No one would call me a classic hoarder, but there are some items from list below that are dangerously close to ringing true to my heart.  #5: I tend to buy too many gifts to give to my friends and family, sometimes a year ahead of time, only to change my mind by the time the holidays approach.  So they keep piling up in my storage area…ungiven, collecting dust, only to be donated later.  #12: I have spent countless dollars on cheaper furniture that never lasts more than a few years.

Does anything on this list sound like you?  Share your story by leaving a comment!

  1. You compromise your health by not seeking medical attention for something you know in your heart really should be checked out by a professional. So what if you cough a lung out, you have another one, right?
  2. You compromise your safety by eating food that you know is iffy because it could be spoiled. Hey, blue cheese is made with mold, so what’s wrong with a bit of moldy bread?
  3. You reuse plastic water bottles, to-go food containers, plastic silverware, or even non-food plastic containers that are not recyclable Food Grade #2, #4 or #5. These plastics can leach bad chemicals into your food and beverages. But those bad things will happen years from now, so why worry now?
  4. You deny yourself even the tiniest of treats that would be good for you emotionally, like an occasional cup of coffee or meal out. You even deny yourself something as simple as a small bottle of your favorite bubble bath or lotion.  I hope you at least bathe.
  5. You hoard items, because you got a good deal on them, but know in the back of your mind that you’ll probably never really have a use for them.  But the talking fish was so funny!
  6. You save just about everything when you know you realistically probably will never use or need them, instead of giving them to someone who could use them or recycle them.  Are you talking about my stack of years old magazines?
  7. You deny yourself basic necessities. I’ve known a couple of people who had nothing more than a bed and had to stand up to eat or sit on the floor, when they really could afford to at least purchase a couple of second hand chairs and a small table. 3 boxes work well as a dinette set.
  8. On the reverse side of denying yourself the basics, you grab up every piece of free anything; from clothing, boxes, and knick-knacks to furniture, simply because it was free. It’s piled everywhere ‘just in case you can use it in the future’, even when you know there is no real use to you. Your home has become a storage unit.  It’s so tempting to go through your neighbor’s throw away pile.
  9. You spend too much time trying to save money, instead of finding ways to supplement your income with extra earnings. Uh, no.
  10. You spend more on gasoline driving around trying to save a few cents on a sale or use a coupon before it expires, than you save. Geri, this has your name all over it. 🙂
  11. You take extras at stores or restaurants (like sanitary hand wipes, paper towels, napkins, or condiments) to save some money, when in reality doing so is stealing and is ultimately costing others for those items. I have cooked some nice meals using the Arby’s horsey sauce packets.
  12. You buy items that are cheap that you know really won’t last long to save some money, when you could buy the better quality item for just a few dollars more that might have lasted a lifetime. Remember the definition of ‘frugal’? Who wants the same clothes for a lifetime?
  13. And, as silly as it might sound, you feel there’s no such thing as being too frugal!  Does the term ‘dumpster diver’ mean anything to you?

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