Fixing Bifold Doors: Fix-It-Up Project for March

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This has been my easiest fix-it-up project so far this year. It’s funny…for months, my hubby and I have been trying to make the bi-fold closet door in our office close, pushing and pulling, but not taking the time to really look at the source of the problem. But once I did take a hard look, it only took about 5 minutes to fix.

Maybe that’s the lesson this month…not to gloss over and treat the symptom (closing the door) but look deeper to fix the source of the problem.

The prep work to ready myself for this project actually took longer than it took to fix it, but it was a necessary evil. Because it is a shallow closet, and I had to get behind the doors, the closet contents had to be cleared.

Once the closet was empty, I could see that the right door was not hanging perfectly vertical. The door closed, but it skewed inwards towards the bottom. Because of this, both doors would not completely close at the same time. You can see this in the photo below.


A bottom plate holds the door peg; it contains little teeth which hold the peg in place. The peg had scooted (most likely by someone [that’ll remain nameless] manhandling it) and was about ½ inch too far to the left of vertical. All I had to do was to lift up on the door and replace it in the correct place. It took a couple tries to make it line up perfectly, but it was an easy fix. Take a hard look at the other door to gauge where the peg needs to sit.door-bracket

Guilty that my big monthly project only took 15 minutes at best, I spent the next couple hours cleaning and organizing my closet, and then cleaning and organizing my office. I cleared out old receipts and papers kept way past their ‘needed’ date, which leads me to think about writing another blog on how long to keep important papers.

I find that one task usually leads to another, much like a game of dominos; tipping the first one knocks the second one down, and so on, until you have produced a lovely scene.

Three down, nine to go:

  1. Re-grout and caulk my master bath shower stall
  2. Touch up and re-stain my baseboards
  3. Fill holes punched in the walls by doorknobs
  4. Refinish the hardwood floors in the kitchen
  5. Fix the drawer in the kitchen
  6. Reorganize the garage shelves
  7. Fix the folding door in the office
  8. Touch up paint on the deck
  9. Replace the caulk in the boys’ bathrooms
  10. Refinish the wooden built-in bench under the fish tank (ruined by the water)
  11. Refinish and stain my window sills
  12. Caulk the outside windows



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