Our Cherished Last Christmas Gift From Our Pet

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For the last 15 years we have shared our home with our beautiful Golden Retriever, Goldi.   We lost our sweet girl a few days ago, but this is about her gift to us before she left us.

After moving to Colorado and settling in with our two young sons, we were ready to expand the family to include a puppy.  With a little research, we decided that a Golden would be a good fit, so we started the journey to find our new puppy.  After finding a wonderful family with new puppies, we had the very difficult decision of choosing the one we would bring home.

We had the choice of 10 puppies and I fell in love with the runt of the litter that was content to lie quietly in my arms until my husband reminded me that we were there for the boys to choose their new puppy.  They chose the crazy, wild and feisty little puppy we would later name Goldi.  After bringing her home, I found her to be quite a challenge.  We were told that Goldens were a calm breed (not this one), Goldi  would continue to surprise us.


Goldi was easy to house train, but we were not as lucky in obedience training.  I took her to dog obedience school not once but twice, with not much luck.  The teacher finally threw up her hands and said “I don’t know what you are going to do with her!”  She has pretty much run the show from that day on.


She loved to eat.  And I mean eat.  If she wanted that cherry pie, she would find a way and then hide the evidence.  She once ate everything out of two Easter baskets.  She even managed to pop open the plastic eggs to eat the jelly beans.  They say chocolate will make a dog very ill.  Two pounds of chocolates were no match for her.

She knew no strangers, and was there to greet you as you came into our home.  She loved to play catch even though she never learned to give up the ball.  It was up to us to chase her to retrieve it from her.  She loved to go for walks and most of all she loved us.

Christmas with Goldi was a very special time.  She was like a little child who couldn’t wait to unwrap her gifts.  She would always unwrap hers first and run excitedly through the house with her new baby (stuffed animal).  Then she would return to help everyone else unwrap their gifts.


We knew that our time with our baby girl was getting limited.  We understood that her life span was about 12 years–she was 15.  A couple of weeks before Christmas she became ill and we were sure we would lose her before Christmas.  But on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day she sprang to life to enjoy that time with us.  She opened her gifts and helped us open ours.  The next day she fell ill again and we lost her the following day.

We know that her gift to us was that last Christmas and we cherish that time with her as we cherished her for 15 years.

We love you and will miss you, our sweet Goldi girl!


  1. Geri,
    I finally could read your beautiful note about Goldi. Still I cry when I think about Goldi not being there at your house. She was always there – just waiting to see someone come into the house…and she was such the greeter, too! Oh how I loved Goldi as if she were my poochie…and when I watched her, we bonded. I took her for walks (or perhaps she took “ME” for a walk. I even took her to Dry Creek in the car once. Whoa, that was an experience for both her and I…but she loved it. During those times, she was my girl…and it sure ticked off Parnelli and Sam to think of me playing with Goldi.

    Thank you for allowing me to watch her and to love her as my little Goldi girl-dog.


  2. We also loved Goldi and will always remember what a very special member of our family she was.
    It is always hard to give up someone we love or in this case a pet that we have loved and that has been a very
    important part of our lives.
    All the unconditional love that she gave and all the joy and happiness that she brought to our lives
    will be in our memories always. The tears we shed now will soon turn to smiles when we think of all her little antic and there were many many. I’m sure God needed someone to help open Christmas presents and he couldn’t ask for a better helper.
    Love you Goldi, Your still with us and always will be.

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