Replacing Ricotta Cheese with Greek Yogurt in Your Lasagna Recipes

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After a long day of errands and grocery shopping I head home to make lasagna for dinner.  I already had my noodles, sweet sausage, a jar of Paul Newman pasta sauce (only 88 cents with coupons) and mozzarella cheese.  It was not until I am in the middle of making my mess that I realize…no ricotta cheese!   The last thing I want to do is run back to the store, so I desperately start rummaging through the frig for anything that I might be able to get away with.  Oh yeah, there it was—Greek yogurt!!  It’s thick and white and worth a try.

I seasoned a couple of cups of the yogurt with salt, pepper and a little Italian seasoning, and after a good whisk I added it to my recipe just like I do the ricotta cheese.  I kept my fingers crossed and swore to take my secret to the grave!  See, the men in my family are NOT yogurt fans.

That night my two sons hit the door hungry and quickly dug into the lasagna.  Holding my breath I ask them how they like the dinner.  “Mom, this is really good lasagna”! Even my vegetarian husband snuck his fair share and let me know how much he loved it!  It was a success and nobody was the wiser.

Not only did I save myself a trip to the grocery store, I also discovered a new replacement for a more expensive ingredient.  So I am sharing my secret with you—give it a try.


  1. Hi Olga, So sorry this reply is late–we have been away for awhile! I do hope that your lasagna turned out well. Thank you for visiting!

    Our Best,
    Geri & Carol

  2. Hi Teresa, Sorry this reply is late–been away for awhile! But I am glad it worked out for you! And no, we don’t want to tell the hubby and kids! Just our little secret!! Thank you for your comment!

    Our Best,
    Geri & Carol

  3. Tried it with regular plain yogurt it came out good. My husband ate it up. Of course I didn’t tell him I used yogurt!

  4. Same story! Have everything but ricotta (used it up in pancakes) search and you shall find the ANSWER! Thank you:)

  5. I’m going to try this in my eggplant parm recipe. Crossing my fingers that it tastes great!

  6. Sweet & sweaty

    Thankyou!! i didn’t have ricotta and I wanted to know if this was possible…and it is!! My lasagna is in the oven. I hope it turns out as good as yours!

  7. Jeje, I didn’t change my recipe a bit–only change was the yogurt in place of the cheese. Yes, the consistency was a little different, but my guys only noticed that it tasted BETTER! I hope you were as happy with your results! Thank you for your comment! Geri

  8. Omg…This just happened to me..literally the same way lol. So I panicked, thinking-there’s no way I’m going back to the store-Now what?! So I did a search online to see if I could use greek yogurt and this site popped up first. Oh and lo and behold…I just bought some yogurt yesterday. So glad I found the answer here! Im using it! Two I still mix in the egg and does the yougurt melt down or retain some of its thickness? Thank you for saving my lasagna!

  9. I would never cook meat for my husband if he was vegetarian lol if make his his own small lasagna smh c’mon wife

  10. I just mistakenly grabbed the plain yogurt in my refrig for the ricotta. Didn’t realize it till I went to clean the container for recycle. It’s in the oven now. Thank you! I feel better now knowing that I still have something good to eat!

  11. Sounds delicious and probably healthier.

  12. I’m going to substitute Greek yogurt for ricotta tonight in my caramelized onion frittata. Too lazy to go to the grocery store – LOL.

  13. Super idea – thank you!! Ricotta cheese was on my grocery list so I could make these lasagne cupcakes but unfortunately I left my list at home!! However having replaced the ricotta with 0%mf plain yogourt and some salt/pepper the “cupcakes” tasted great! My 4yr old loved them (2yr old not so much!) and that only take 20min in the oven (after sauteeing the meat).



  14. That’s a great idea, Barry. I’ll try that next time!

  15. If you`re concerned the yogurt will be to thin,add a beaten egg and some dry Parmesan.

  16. i did the same with baked ziti. it was the best tasting baked ziti! i used homemade yogurt.

  17. Thanks! I am in the same boat and am going to try the switcheroo too!

  18. Cool. I am dairy free, though. so I will try it with a coconut-milk based plain greek yogurt. Thanks! :)

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  20. @W LOL. No marketing make-up story…just that Geri is such a good cook, even her vegetarian hubby can’t resist sometimes.

  21. You vegetarian husband ate lasagna with sweet sausage in it?
    Is this just a marketing “make-up” story?!?

  22. Thank you for this post :) now im not so scared to try it with normal plain yogurt :)

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