Shop Your Gift Closet Before You Buy

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Geri and I love to go Black Friday and After-Christmas shopping to get the best deals on holiday gifts. Sometimes we give them right away, sometimes we stash it away for next year’s giving.  We’ve all done it, buy the perfect gift on sale to give following year, then buy something else during the year, and something else, until we have a collection of these perfect gifts in our basement.  And there they sit. But it’s smart to have a little something stashed away in your closet. Not only will you save money by buying sale or discontinued items, you’ll always have pretty gifts for those unexpected emergencies.Shop Your Basement First!

With money tight this year, first plan a shopping trip into your own basement stash.  Shop there first, using the beautiful presents that you already have, and save precious money.  You’ll be surprised by the nice items that you already have!  And don’t buy another thing until you’ve used what you already have. (And PS: it’s certainly fine to regift that new item that didn’t quite work for you. Just be sure to remove any gift tags so you don’t find yourself in an embarrassing predicament! And be sure not to give it back to the person who gave it to you.)


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