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4 Rules for Decluttering



Here is some simple advice for decluttering your drawer, closet, or room. Before you start, label 3 areas or boxes with “Keep”, “Recycle or Toss”, and “Donate”. Every item must fit into one of the 3 categories. Then follow these 4 simple guidelines and you’ll have that space neat and clean in no time.

Steps on How to Declutter Any Area of Your Home

Decluttering is Rewarding

It’s easy to tell someone to do something. Parents do it all the time. “Clean up your room.” “Make your bed.” “Be nice to Jimmy.” But if they’re never given instruction on how to do what you ask, invariably they’ll get frustrated, angry, and never try again. I’ve seen this happen countless times at work. Employees are given a task without the proper instruction on how to do it effectively.

In my article, Declutter and Reduce the Clutter in Your Life, I told you what you had to do to help you obtain a more simplified life. Declutter! But how?

Declutter and Reduce the Chaos in Your Life

Declutter and Get Your Ducks in a Row

After the Holidays, I always feel the need to declutter and organize. Perhaps it’s the indulgences of the season, from food to parties to shopping. It’s a bit overwhelming, and I don’t know about you, but it helps me to get my “ducks in a row.” It gives you a sense of order, and it will simplify your life.

Of course, the best time to do this is before the holidays. That way you can donate your items to the needy or a charity. You could sell some things on ebay to make some money. But who has time before the holidays arrive?  From Halloween on, we are thrust into the spirit of consumerism, whether we like it or not.

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