017-300x225-1On most Saturday mornings, you will find Carol and me at one of our local thrift stores.  Many times we go with something in mind that we need for either a family member or our homes.  It may take a few trips before we find what we’re looking for, but the wait is usually well worth the huge savings.

And then there are those unexpected finds that we weren’t looking for that gives us bragging rights. Well, I am bragging about my latest steal.  On the first Saturday of each month, our local Goodwill puts most everything on sale at 50% off the sticker price, and Carol and I are there when the doors open!

Our first Saturday in April was fruitful.  At first, Carol and I walked past a group of luggage not giving it much thought until we noticed that all 5 pieces were priced at $49.99.  That would be $25.00 at 50% off for not one, but five pieces.  After examining all five pieces a little closer we realized that 2 of them still had original tags on them.  They were in beautiful condition and sturdy.  The set included two very large suitcases, one medium, one carry-on, and one garment bag.  All were on wheels with retractable handles.  I put Carol in charge of guarding my find while I checked to make sure the deal was in fact 50% off and included all five pieces—it did!  I got that feeling, you know, the one you get when you think you just got away with something!

That day I purchased a five-piece luggage set, one small briefcase on wheels with a handle, one pair of capris, one dress, one decorative curtain rod, and spent a whopping $37.50.  Now that’s worth bragging about.

We will keep you posted on our next big find.