Old hot water heaters can bring in big bucks. Recycle a hot water heater to help the environment and possibly put some cash in your pocket. You can make some easy money after you replace your hot water heater, which will help offset the cost of the new one.  Recycle it!

Water heaters are really just a huge container that holds water. Before your old one gets replaced, call your local recycling center to see if they take household items such as your water heater. Have the make and year of your heater ready. To recycle your hot water heater, take them in as you would an aluminum can. You can get major bucks for them, sometimes in the hundreds of dollars.

Water heaters have a sheet-metal exterior that weighs enough to make recycling them profitable. Consumers can deliver used water heaters to recycling facilities intact. The reclamation workers will dismantle the units and collect all renewable materials. Many appliance dealers also recycle water heaters, offering trade-in value. Some recyclers charge a fee for receiving a water heater, but others offer a payment.