Now, this is a cool trick!

Double or triple your return on scallions or green onions.  Save about two inches of the stalks near the root and stick them into a cup filled up to about an inch with water. They’ll regrow for easy, free, and deliciously fresh new scallions ready for cutting right at your kitchen window. You don’t even need soil for regrowth, but replanting them into a pot or the ground is also an option.

Grow Your Own Scallions

  • Chop the onion, about 1” from the base of the bulb
  • Save the bulbs
  • Fill a small jar with water
  • Submerge all the root strings and half of the bulb in water
  • Arrange bulbs so that the tops are upright and not submerged (The bulbs are more likely to get slimy if totally submerged)
  • Set the jar on a bright window sill
  • Change the water every couple of days
  • Observe for growth
  • Once 1”-2” of growth, plant