I recently gave up sodas because of the sugar and artificial sweeteners, and find myself drinking a lot more iced tea.  Here’s a quick way to brew iced tea in no time.

Gallon of Iced Tea

I make cold ice tea by brewing the tea with the least amount of water possible. I make a gallon of tea by bringing 8 tea bags to a boil in 3 cups of water with a lid on, then remove from heat and let it steep for 5 minutes. I remove the lid and let it cool another 5 minutes. Be sure to squeeze the tea bags with a spoon as you remove the bags. I pour the tea in a gallon glass container.  Add lemon, if desired, stir and fill the container with cold water that was chilled in the refrigerator. Cold-brewed tea in 15 minutes!


Individual Iced Tea to Go

At work, I make iced tea in my reusable water bottle.  Here’s how:

Add one tea bag to your empty water bottle.  Add in about 1 cup of hot water. (I get my hot water from the coffee dispenser at work, or you can heat a cup of water in a mug in the microwave for 2 minutes).  Let steep for about 4 minutes.  Fill the rest of the water bottle with crushed ice or ice cubes. (I leave the teabag in the bottle). Fill to the top with cold water. Add sweetener if desired.  Close top and invert 3-4 times to mix.  Instant iced tea to go!