Yep, got the bug again!  I am already redecorating my home in my mind, making my lists, measuring, pulling paint samples, and tearing pictures out of magazines. I get like this every few years and it looks like 2014 is that year!

It certainly didn’t help when Carol introduced me to a new store in our area by the name of Garden Ridge. This store is amazing and boasts of “endless possibilities” for every room and every style.  It was kind of like a cat on catnip! Oh my Lord–what didn’t it have. Check to see if you have one in your area and then by all means…go!!!


Our first trip, I kept telling myself that we are just here to explore but I can’t lie–been dreaming about getting lost in there with my husband’s credit card!! But I have to contain myself and think frugal.  A little thrift store, a little home good store and I can have it all.  Oooooo!!!

I’ll keep you posted on my year-long projects!!