This delicious marinade works well when grilling steak, chicken or fish. You can easily adjust the hot meter by adjusting the number of chilies that you use and or removing the seeds.

Be sure to handle the chilies with disposable gloves, and keep hands away from your eyes and nose.

Summertime’s here, and so is sweet fresh corn in the grocery store. This method of grilling corn is especially good with sweet corn and is the absolute best taste and texture for corn on the cob that I’ve ever had. I’ll never boil corn again.

This grilling technique can be used for other vegetables too, like asparagus.  Just adjust the grilling time depending on the veggie.

I recently gave up sodas because of the sugar and artificial sweeteners, and find myself drinking a lot more iced tea.  Here’s a quick way to brew iced tea in no time.


Getting rid of mice can be a challenge especially if you live near an open space.   Here are a few tips to rid your home of these little pests whether you prefer to trap them or take a more humane approach:

How can anyone resist a lemon muffin with a hot cup of tea?  This is a great recipe for a brunch or to serve at a wedding or baby shower.  If you are not crazy about lemon, try changing it up by using oranges.