Well, this year I challenged myself to become better organized when shopping at the thrift store, and I am on my way!  I have been looking for a cross-body bag to carry with me (hands-free) on my thrift store adventures that will help me organize everything I will need to get the job done right!

frostingbag_cake-mixI saw this great tip on the internet and wanted to share it with you. Use the cake mix bag instead of expensive frosting bags. The bags are made of very strong plastic and make a perfect disposable frosting bag. Next time you make cupcakes from a cake mix, be sure to use scissors to cut one end of the bag open. Don’t rip it open like I usually do. Save the bag, rinse it out, and dry it. Then clip a corner and insert a decorating tip inside. Source


We celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February every year, but I bet you didn’t know about what we can celebrate on the 15th–Gumdrop Day!  I am pretty sure  I might know someone that will be happy to celebrate a day filled with gumdrops–Carol?? Yes, someone woke up one morning and decided that we needed a day to celebrate these yummy little sinful sweet treats!!  Thank goodness we don’t celebrate them every day or wait, maybe some of us do!?


My husband and I, most years, celebrate Valentine’s Day with a dinner out together, careful to keep it within reason with the help of a coupon!  I can remember Valentine’s Days of old when my husband was still trying to win my heart.  A beautiful bouquet of roses would arrive at my office and all the girls would swoon over them and compliment him for his thoughtfulness and expression of love–always a romantic dinner to follow.  Then marriage,  a mortgage, and kids–you see where I am going with this.

I’m working on feeding my family healthier foods, and we’ve all heard the warnings to stay away from “white” foods like white bread, white rice, and white potatoes.  But do you have a potato lover that won’t even try the healthier sweet potato? I do!  Every Thanksgiving, my lovingly prepared sweet potato dish goes unloved except by me while the mashed white potatoes get gobbled up. (Confession: I’m equally guilty of gobbling up mashed potatoes too.)