Relief could be on the way for those suffering from osteoarthritis pain. According to researchers with the Baylor Research Institute, “tart cherries, in pill form, maybe a promising pain-reliever for this common and debilitating form of arthritis.”

After losing our beloved golden retriever of 15 years, we are considering adding another dog to our family.  However, this time we won’t be spending hundreds of dollars on a dog with papers.  I grew up with dogs that we rescued from the shelters and they all made wonderful, loving pets.


Lemons are not just for lemon juice.  Here is a small sampling of what you can use lemons for other than your cold glass of lemonade:

There is no nutritional value in drinking soda.  Most sodas are full of artificial flavors and chemicals. This should be one of the first things we eliminate from our diets.  Soda is being blamed for all kinds of health issues—weight gain being one of them.  But many believe that by drinking diet sodas, they are exempt from gaining weight.  Guess again!  Drinking diet sodas containing artificial sweeteners can actually increase your appetite instead of suppressing it.

Pilates is an exercise system developed by Joseph Pilates to help strengthen the core, strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, and improve balance.  This low impact exercise is relatively safe for all ages.  Pilates has been used by dancers as well as used for rehabilitation purpose.  Pilates can be performed on the floor, or on a piece of equipment called a reformer.  There are chairs, balls, rings, and mats.  One of my favorites is the Balance Ball Chair or another name, Pilates Chair Ball.