Men are hard to buy for–period!!  I should know, I have three men in my life. And when it comes to filling their stockings for Christmas morning, well, it can be challenging!  I know, I should probably give up the tradition of “stockings hung by the chimney with care“.  After all they are grown men, but I just can’t stop myself!! If you are in my home for Christmas morning, you WILL have a stocking filled with goodies!

So if your house is overrun with a lot of testosterone, here are some ideas that are tried and true:

  1. Flashlight–my hubby has made an art of losing flashlights, so he gets a new one every Christmas (and loses that one too)!
  2. Men’s manicure set–again, never a fingernail clipper around when you need one!
  3. Samples of different colognes–you know the ones they give away for FREE at the department stores.
  4. Combs/hair brush
  5. Computer screen two-finger duster–they are inexpensive and they will be used!
  6. Headphones
  7. A nice mechanical pencil–my guys use and lose many during the year!
  8. Christmas tree ornament for them to add to their collection.
  9. Lip balm–they all use it, they just won’t admit it, so pick a “manly” one!
  10. Shower gel and loofah–don’t let them tell you they won’t use it, they do!
  11. Socks–my guys love the thick wool socks I buy at Costco, so I buy a package and divvy them up!
  12. Handkerchiefs  jakob-owens-q6wssfn5sei-unsplash-1random%
  13. Posters
  14. Comic books
  15. Pocket tool kit to keep in their car.
  16. Tire pressure gauge
  17. Pocket knife
  18. Water bottles/coffee travel mugs
  19. Money clip–add a couple of bucks to show it off!
  20. Wallet–add a few bills to fill it out!
  21. Keychain–got a new driver?
  22. Watch–doesn’t have to be expensive to be enjoyed!
  23. Windshield ice scraper–unless you live in sunny Arizona!
  24. Gift certificates to movies, fast food restaurants and coffee shops.
  25. Magazine subscriptions–Consumer’s Report is one of my hubby’s favorites.
  26. Start a collection for coins/stamps/baseball cards and then add to the collection every year!
  27. Stocking caps–never enough around when they need one!
  28. Baseball cap–with the name of their favorite team of course!
  29. T-Shirt–favorite team or musician?
  30. Calendar for upcoming year.
  31. Playing cards/Magic cards
  32. I am a little obsessed with Cracker Barrel–I love that they have all the different candies that I use to enjoy as a child, so I love to include some of the oldies but goodies in everyone’s stockings.
  33. Beef jerky–a huge hit with my guys!! Won’t last long!
  34. Bubble gum/mints–my guys love Altoids mints in the little tins.
  35. Favorite teas/coffees–we normally use ground coffee at our house, but they love getting unusual coffee beans and grinding it themselves!
  36. K-cups–if you have a Keurig.  Choose something different for them to try!
  37. Hot chocolate–don’t forget the marshmallows!
  38. Who doesn’t love money! Every year Aunt Erma would tuck $2.00 bills inside the boys stockings!
  39. Small survival kit–for your hikers and campers.
  40. Fishing lures–for your fishermen.
  41. Golf balls/tees–for your golfer.
  42. Bike light–for your biker.
  43. Harmonica/guitar picks.
  44. Puzzles
  45. Pedometer
  46.  DVD–favorite guy movie!
  47. Books/LED book light.
  48. Phone charger or phone cover.
  49. Yo-yo
  50. Silly “toys” you can find in the children’s section of your local Dollar Store. They usually don’t make it past Christmas day!

My brother and I woke up every Christmas morning to stockings stuffed with apples, oranges, and “real” nuts!  You know, the kind you have to crack open with a nutcracker.  Not sure our young ones would know what to do with a nut that needs a little attention before eating it! Nevertheless, it is a great idea for a nostalgic Christmas!  I hope this list has been helpful!

Merry Christmas!