I saw these daisies at the thrift store. Something about its simplicity drew me to them. They’re in a clear vase with clear marbles held in place by resin. The artificial daisies have a very life-like look to them and a kind of haphazard flower arrangement which appealed to me too. And you can’t beat the price of under $5.00.

It’s funny how some groupings happen quite an by accident. What started out as a mismatch of unrelated items in my house has become one of my favorite little areas. Placed in front of a sunny window, the sunlight shines through the daisies and the large geode, illuminating the crystal, and brings cheer to the corner.


The bottom tray is a hand-painted top to a chest. I have flowers in the chest, so never knew what to do with the top. The coral, the small carved box, and the little zebra from Africa I inherited from parents. The geode has been in my possession for quite a while, and the boxed fossil was a recent gift from a friend.

Put them all together, and the black and white colors work nicely off each other.