I’m back!   I took a little time off to enjoy my visiting parents for Thanksgiving while Carol was gracious enough to cover my fanny.  Thank you, Carol!!

I have been sharing a lot over the last few weeks about the ongoing process of redecorating my new office space (my son’s old bedroom) while trying to save money.  I hesitate to call my project “complete” because I am in a constant state of changing, revamping and adding new thrift store finds.  So I will call it complete for now.

I am thrilled with the results!!  I have surrounded myself with everything I need for all my future projects as well as all the little things that make me happy to look at, from my purple accent wall to all my precious photos of family and friends.  With every project, I learn something new—new techniques, new ideas, and always something new about myself.  As I wind down this project and move on to the next, I want to share some photos and a little about what I’ve learned these past few weeks.


With this project, I have learned patience.  I have a tendency to want to finish a project as quickly as I start it.  But with my office space, everything came together slowly and more methodically.  I allowed this project to percolate.   I would live with each step along the way until I was certain of the next step—so on and so on.

I learned not to settle on something I don’t love just because I got a great deal.  An example of this is the old bulletin board that I tried to use on the wall over my desk.   Even after working my magic on it, I was not happy with the results.  I lived with it for a while before I made the painful decision to purchase another.  Well, that was before I discovered (then stole) the one from my son’s room.  He worked perfectly in my office and he inherited mine.

I learned that we all need our own space, no matter how small.  So I guess this means that my son is not getting his old room back without a fight!!