family-friendly-organizationWhen your home is well organized, there is a place for everything. Convincing everyone in your home to return things to their rightful place is not always easy. Set it up and then give everyone a tour of the house and where everything goes. We don’t want to become nags, so let’s make it as simple as possible for everyone in the family. For some, it will work, for others, well good luck!!

Consider that everything in its place saves money. I can’t tell you how many times I have misplaced something, only to find it in the strangest place after purchasing a new one. Try placing a basket by the front door for items that need to be returned or taken to school. Add a basket beside the couch for books and magazines. Use a bowl for loose change or keys. Use hooks near the front door for things like hats and glasses. Set up your entrance closet with a system for housing shoes, coats, backpacks, hats, gloves, etc. Home Depot or Lowe’s has a wonderful wire rack system that I use and love. Leave a beautiful basket out to hold things like toys.


Another option is to give everyone their own basket for their belongings, then at the end of the day, the basket goes with them to their rooms where their things are put away. A few lost items and maybe they will learn to be responsible for their own things. I wish I had a penny for every time I replied with “where did you last put it”!

When a company is coming, you don’t have to go crazy trying to clean your home spotless. Find a few good hiding spots in baskets, behind and/or under the furniture. Clean only the rooms that you will entertain in. Light some candles, dim the lights, and enjoy your company. If you have little time, make sure the bathroom is clean with soap and clean hand towels. They are there to enjoy you not look for dust bunnies.