I look forward to the Angel Party that a friend gives this time every year. It is a chance to visit with old friends and meet new ones over an abundance of food, drinks and desserts. She puts us into the holiday spirit with her beautifully decorated home inside and out. Sounds like fun, but wait until it’s time to unwrap the gifts!

There is still time to plan your Angel Party. Here is how it works. Invite your guests and ask that they bring a dish to share. You may want to coordinate who is bringing what. Also ask each guest to bring one wrapped gift–an angel.  Anything angel, so be creative! When your guests arrive, place the gifts under the tree and enjoy one another  over food and drinks. Once everyone has visited, is full and well snockered, bring them together around the Christmas tree.

Here is how you play. Your guests will draw numbers. The numbers will coincide with the number of guests including you. Begin with the person holding number 1. She will take a package from under the tree and unwrap it. The person holding number 2 has the option of unwrapping a gift from under the tree or stealing the opened gift. The person holding number 3 has the option of either unwrapping a gift from under the tree or stealing any opened gift, and so on. Any one gift cannot be stolen more than three times. Also, if your gift if stolen, you cannot turn around and steal it back during that turn. You must choose a gift from under the tree or steal any other gift. Having the last number gives you the advantage. You can either take the last gift from under the tree or steal any angel in the room, except for the angels that have been stolen 3 times—they are with their rightful owners, so keep track! If the last person steals a gift, the remaining gift under the tree goes to the last person stolen from. Game over!


We are all among friends, right?  Well just watch the claws come out over that most desired angel. Oh, game on!!