The bathroom in our master bedroom sits in a cove, with the shower and toilet inside one door, and the closet inside the opposite door.  Our vanity with two sinks sits in between, in plain view of our bedroom.  So it was important to me that the vanity blended well with the rest of our room.

The vanity cabinets were also oak, so I painted them the same color I used to paint our bedroom furniture.  Once the paint was dry I used fine sandpaper to rough up the edges of the cabinet doors which brought out the darker wood (shabby chic look).  There was no need for me to replace the countertop, as it blends well with the wall color.  I added hardware (brushed chrome) to match the faucets.  Four pulls and 3 knobs cost under $20.00.  No cost for the leftover paint from my furniture project.

The mirror above the vanity is huge at 4’ x 5’. I had wanted to take it down and add two framed mirrors above each sink but quickly realized that I could frame the entire mirror and save money.  This calls for a trip to Home Depot where I found a beautiful crown molding at 88 cents per foot.  I carefully measured the bottom piece and mitered each end, then used it to cut an identical piece for the top. I did the same for the sides.

I tried gluing the frame to the mirror with no luck.  The frame kept pulling away before the glue had a chance to dry.  With a few strips of the industrial use Velcro, it worked like a charm.  Now the frame is well attached but removable.  One side of the frame where the mitered edges meet did not come together as well as I would have liked.  I added a little sparkle in the corners, let it dry, and then sanded it down before painting.  No one will ever know that it isn’t perfect.  The frame cost me just under $20.00 ($10.00 for the frame and $8.00 for the industrial Velcro).


Last but not least, I replaced that ugly 80’s inspired lighting over our sinks.  You know, the long silver strip with 8 large bulbs protruding out.  I replaced it with a beautiful brushed chrome vanity bar—much better.  That cost me under $25.00 (on clearance) at Lowe’s, and my husband was sweet enough to put it up for me.  I have to learn to do that myself!

The entire look cost me just under $65.00.  Not bad for a little work with a big payoff.  I love it!!