todd-trapani-z2nld0-wute-unsplash-1random%It is easy to create a beautiful centerpiece for your Christmas table. Keep it simple and inexpensive by either using what you already have or find what you need at your local thrift store.

Search for a large cylinder vase that will hold a smaller cylinder or pillar vase. Place a festive candle inside the smaller vase. In the space between the two, fill it with nuts (in their shells), cranberries, small pinecones, or small decorations. If your table is long you may want to create two for the space. Add a simple wreath to the base of the large vase and you have a show piece.

Consider other options:

  • spray paint the nut shells gold, silver and add a little glitter
  • fill with red and green beading
  • fill with small fruit such as kumquats and berries
  • fill with small vegetables
  • fill with artificial white snow
  • fill with different colored hard candy; include ribbon candy
  • fill with greenery from your yard such as pine needles and pinecones
  • fill with leftover greenery from your Christmas tree
  • add a long stemmed cut flower, and submerge in water

Ideas are endless—use your imagination and then enjoy your beautiful creations with family and friends.