January is the month I organize and prepare myself for the new year ahead, and it is well worth the investment of time. It keeps me well organized and on task throughout the year.

For all your gift giving needs, we suggest our set of downloadable printable logs: Birthday List, Birthday Gift Log and Special Occasion Gift Log. These are the same tried and true logs we use ourselves, and we have created a beautiful new version just for you. Please checkout our Lena B Designs Etsy Shop.

We recommend you begin with our Birthday List, a simple calendar-style log where you will add names and dates under each month for all occasions during the year. You may have some names on your list that you don’t necessarily buy gifts for, but you may want to acknowledge their special day with a phone call and/or a card. Make note of that and keep your list near your calendar.

Record the information from your Birthday List to your Birthday Gift Log which is used for those you buy birthday gifts for. Our Special Occasion Log is used for everything else such as anniversaries, weddings, graduations, etc. You will find both very useful, with enough space to record dates, names, gifts purchased, gift ideas including sizes/favorite colors. There is even a place to check off for cards, wrapping and mailing.

A set budget for all your gifts for the year is important. Decide on the amount you want to spend on each person and/or occasion and then record it in the note section of your logs.

During the year listen carefully for subtle hints or maybe not so subtle hints for gift ideas. Maybe Sarah loves music or Aunt Betty loves to collect stamps, or maybe something as simple as a particular need noted. Record that information in your logs. Trust me, I would be lucky to get it down on paper before forgetting, so keep your logs accessible.

Keep a copy of your logs with you at all times. This is where you will save money by shopping unexpected sales or clearances while taking advantage of the gift suggestions you jotted down. Once you find that perfect gift, make note of it in your logs. If you are shopping in January for a special occasion in March, your logs will remind you of that purchase. Just don’t forget where you put it! Hence, our blog on gift closets—a real money and time saver! The goal is to be organized with your gift giving in order to save time and money. You never have to forget a birthday again!