OK ladies, start your engines!  We have the biggest shopping day ahead of us and we need to do a little prep work! Black Friday has evolved a bit to include what I think should be called Grey Thursday, with many stores opening around 6:00 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day.

I grew up in the era where Sundays and Holidays were shopping free–all the stores were closed for families to enjoy time together.  But I too have evolved and yes you will find me knocking down a door to two for some great deals after a day of giving thanks, eating great food and spending time with my loved ones.

I start by perusing the myriad of sales papers that you will find in the Wednesday newspapers.  If you don’t take the paper, this one is worth picking up!  Your other option is searching online websites such as www.blackfriday.com and www.dealnews.com . Keep your ads with you and make sure to cut any coupons you may want.  I cut out all the coupons for possible use, to share with friends and I have even shared coupons with very appreciative strangers.

A good Black Friday Planner is a great idea to help you organize your shopping.  You need to know which stores you want to hit first, the location and time the doors open, and any doorbusters or earlybird specials you want to take advantage of. Note the prices and look for coupons to compliment your purchases. Search websites like www.retailmenot.com for coupons and promo codes.

This is where I warn you to do your homework.  Just because it is on “sale” does not mean that you are getting the best deal. Find help by visiting websites such as www.pricegrabber.com that will compare prices and find you the best deals. Also, don’t forget about rebate programs like www.ebates.com and www.fatwallet.com for further savings.


Now the fun part; go prepared with warm clothing, comfortable shoes, a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, a good friend and above all, your patience!  A little planning and sharing the experience with someone will make it that much more enjoyable!!

Good Luck!!