0102-e1440875330335-2random%There is obviously a divide between those who love bridal shower games and those who would rather have their upper lip waxed than sit through yet another boring bridal shower game.  I for one love those silly games…well maybe not the drop-a-potato-from-your-knees-into-a-small-paper-bag game!  There is fun and then there is humiliation!  Either way, this bridal shower idea is perfect for everyone!

When you send out the bridal shower invitations, include a couple of beautiful recipe cards and ask the person invited to write down a couple of their favorite recipes for the bride-to-be and request that they bring the recipe card with them to the shower.  When the guest arrives, add the recipe cards to a beautifully decorated basket.  Make sure they have included their name on the card.  At the end of the shower, pull one of the recipe cards from the basket for a door prize.  Then present the basket to the bride-to-be.

This is a great idea if you are having a kitchen shower.  Or, you could tweak it to include index cards with marriage advice instead.  Pick a theme and make it your own keeping the bride’s interests in mind.