We Moms have to be frugal by making a dollar stretch and a penny squeal.  But are we raising our children to be frugal?  It is our responsibility to teach them early the respect for money and more importantly that money doesn’t grow on trees.

I believe that all children should have a little responsibility around the home that will earn them a little money.  My children had small chores like making their beds, picking up their toys, etc.  Keep it age appropriate. When I paid my boys they were asked to save 10%, give away 10% and the rest they could spend.  The 10% they gave away usually ended up in the church offering plate.  Today my oldest son is in college, works part time and gives to two charities.

When grocery shopping with my young boys, I would ask them to find me the best deal on cereal or cookies.  When they were old enough to go to the store without me, I would give them so much money, coupons and ask that they make the money stretch by finding the best deals.  On many occasions I was pleasantly surprised at how well they did.  Today, whether they are going to dinner with a friend or getting a haircut they ask if I have any coupons.

We can teach our children how to be frugal and generous by setting an example.  They will usually always rise to the occasion.