carol2I have a hard time saying no to anyone, and people quickly discover my weakness.

I tell you this because my life, and perhaps yours too, can become very complicated.  Work, family, friends, clubs, volunteering, relaxation…all very important parts of our lives…have a way of sometimes consuming us. The “rat race”, as the old saying goes, keeps us wanting more and more to keep up with the neighbors and put on airs, and never being satisfied with what you already have.

When I was first introduced to Geri, we immediately became close friends. I call Geri “my sister from a different mother”; I am constantly amazed at how eerily similar we are. She is the sister I never had. I come from a loving family of all men…my husband, three sons, even my two cats are male. It’s just me and our dog, Melody, adding that feminine touch to the home.

So you can see why I need female companionship! Geri and I have spent many an hour talking about how our lives today are complicated with consumerism, overpriced homes, clutter, and the need to want more and more.

Prepackaged foods made with cheap ingredients are slowly killing us with excessive fat, sugar, and salt. We buy clothing and items we already have, or for the sake of a label or brand. And many of us buy these items without a second thought to the price.

Think back to when you were growing up.  I remember playing outdoors, home-cooked meals, board games, and making my own Barbie doll clothes. I never really thought to ask for more because I had everything I really needed. And our family was happy.

Geri and I wanted to start this website to share ideas and suggestions on how to strive for that uncluttered, uncomplicated life, both emotionally and physically. We want to unclutter our houses and rid ourselves of things we don’t use. We want to free ourselves from the commitments that keep ourselves from doing the things we really want to do. And we want to live in harmony with the environment.

We want to instill pride and thankfulness in what you already have, and what you can make yourself with your own hands and imagination.  And to pare down your complicated lives, enjoy what nature has to offer, and find inner tranquility.

We know it won’t be easy. We’ll share the steps we take along the way in Reflections. And we hope you’ll share yours too.