Many of us have your basic boring white tile in our bathrooms and kitchens.  I am sure that all of us at one time or another has considered tearing them down and starting over.  With so many beautiful tiles out there it is tempting, but our practical side wins over.  So why not paint them?  We can brighten up our drab bathrooms and kitchens with no demolition and for very little money.

Painting your tiles is one option, however, a permanent one.  If this interests you, please visit this website for step by step instructions. If you rent or not so sure you want to take such permanent steps, you have another option—Mibo Tile Tattoos.

A UK-based company called Mibo can help us update our tile using their waterproof tile tattoos which are sold in packs of 6 and come in 4″ squares, 6″ squares, and 6″ X 3″ rectangles. Prices start at $16 and are simple–just peel and stick.  Please visit 2Jane Co. for a variety of designs.

Either option will save you time and money in transforming your bathroom and/or kitchen.