imgp2985-e1440869556685random%I hate white walls!  I love a little drama!  Maybe that is why I became a little obsessed with wallpaper after moving into our first home many years ago. I love the beautiful prints and colors so much that I went…well a little crazy and wallpapered everything but the toilet seats! I feel sorry for the people that bought that home.  I didn’t realize then just how hard it is to take down what was so easy to put up! I would find that out down the road!


A couple of kids, a new home, and yes, more wallpaper later I realized my love-hate relationship with wallpaper.  Yep, not so easy to take down!! Once my youngest son outgrew his “space” themed wallpaper for his new “ocean” themed room, I quickly realized the nightmare of taking down wallpaper.  It was then that I learned to appreciate a beautifully painted wall.


When Carol moved into her new home, she had all the walls in her home painted the same color which she chose after several trips through the model homes.  It is a beautiful darker neutral that goes with just about everything in my home–a chameleon of sorts.


I love this color!  I love its versatility, and I love that I can decorate and add my own pops of color through my décor. I also chose to make one accent wall in each room and use a coordinating but darker color.  It worked so well that I chose the same color for all my accent walls throughout my home.

If you are interested the main color is a Kwal paint called “Traffic”, but I had mine mixed using Behr paint at Home Depot. My accent wall color is a Valspar paint called “Mountain Smoke”, also mixed using Behr paint. Can you tell I much prefer Behr paint over the others?  I know it is hard to transfer wall color into a photo, so make a trip to Home Depot and ask for a sample of each color!


Please check out Carol’s blog on How to Pick Out the Perfect Paint Color!  She has been my go-to for paint colors for many years now!!  Let me know what you think!