On the left, you’ll see an expensive outfit pieced together using Polyvore at $1414. On the right, our version using thrift store finds, at only $24.49. This is the first in a series that Geri and I are starting where we share with you our outfits that we put together from thrift store finds and store sales. We are obsessed with finding good deals at the thrift store, or anywhere for that matter. Call us what you want…frugal, cheap, thrifty, whatever!  We love it all the same!


Geri will share her more casual (and so adorable) style while I have to work every day where they require business casual. That means dressing up most every day for me. But can you keep a secret? Most all my clothes come from thrift store shopping!  I firmly believe that you can look your professional best while still keeping within your budget. Coworkers are always complementing me on my clothes, and if I was smart, I’d keep my mouth shut. But no! I get so excited about saving money that I tell them how little I spent. It’s so much more of a rush for me to get a bargain than spend hundreds on an outfit.

Carol’s Copycat Thrift Store Closet: Total Outfit = $24.49

  • White Coldwater Creek blouse: $2.50 from thrift store
  • Brown pencil skirt, Liz Claiborne: $2.50 from thrift store
  • Brown pumps, Ann Taylor: $3.50 from thrift store
  • Genuine turquoise necklace: Free gift from mother-in-law
  • Turquoise bracelet: Free with purchase from Coldwater Creek
  • Turquoise purse, Miche demi shell: $15 on sale
  • Brown belt: $0.99 from thrift store

If you’ve ever played on Polyvore where you can piece together outfits to your heart’s content, you’ll know how quickly the cost of an outfit can add up.  Of course, most of us who put together these adorable Polyvore sets could never afford the high ticket prices.  With some thrift store smarts, you can do much, much better!turquoise-outfitrandom%

Take this classy outfit with a pop of beautiful turquoise color as an example. I loved the look of this outfit that I saw online and luckily for me, I had just that look hanging right in my closet. It would be perfect for work. Piecing together that same look on Polyvore added up to over $1400!  Yikes! But even at your local department store, a simple outfit like this can run hundreds of dollars.  Look how I put together the same look and feel for under $25 with name brands, including the purse and shoes.

Over the next months, we’ll share more of our thrift store outfits.  Share some of yours too!