Even with limited space, you can still grow your own garden using containers.  Containers can be used to plant almost anything which can add beauty to your patios, balconies, yards, and entranceways. There are so many to choose from.  You can find them in every shape and size and in many different types of materials.  Be creative with some of the following examples:

  • terracotta pots
  • wooden boxes
  • window boxes
  • urns
  • wall hangers
  • hanging planters
  • plant stands
  • concrete planters

Don’t stop there to get creative with items around your house or a unique find at the thrift store such as:

  • wheel barrels
  • bird baths
  • tubs
  • antique watering cans

Another option is the use of trellises and arbors that can be used to grow many types of climbing plants such as vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, and peas. Trellises can be used against walls or around supporting posts to save space and create a beautiful focal point.  You can use a trellis on a patio or porch where there is no soil.  Simply add a container at the base of the trellis and plant away!

Your soil is important, so when growing in a container, add top-quality potting soil.  Make sure that you have good drainage with either hole in the bottom of the containers or with a few inches of rock at the bottom of the containers before filling with soil.

Plants love the sun.  A plant that you eat their fruit or flower (such as a tomato) does best in the full sun.  Those plants that you eat their roots (such as carrots) do well with a half-day of sun.  Leafy plants can do well with very little sun. Before you choose your plants, ask about where they will do best.

Keep your plants moist, but not wet, and watch for little critters and bugs that may want to feast on your vegetables and fruit before you can.  When planting in containers you will find it a little easier to control the garden pests.