034-300x225-1Last week I began sharing with you the progress on my new home office.  Honestly, when I began this “little” project I never anticipated it taking on a life all its own.  Remember, I have the desktop in with the two credenzas at either end.  I have room for a small television at one end and my stereo on the other end.  OK, I have a twelve-foot workspace and I am quickly running out of space?!  I will get to that later.

Before the room became my office, my son chose a beautiful oatmeal brown for the walls and a darker leather brown color for the accent wall, which I face as I sit at my desk.  I had no plans to change the color…until sitting at my desk one day I realized that it wasn’t me.  I also noticed that everything I had placed on my desk was different shades of purple–I love purple!  I did not want to paint the entire room, so I decided that the accent wall needed to be changed to reflect me.  After a trip to Lowe’s for paint samples, I found the perfect color that would blend well with the other walls. My accent wall is now painted a Violet Smoke, ever so subtle, and it’s me!

So, back to my dwindling desk space… while in an organizational store I found a wonderful idea for wall shelves.  The display was beautiful and would create so much more usable space.  The saleswoman was all too happy to set me up with a “shelving expert”.  After 15 minutes and a quote for $1,030.00, I was quickly out the door—I can do this myself and for a lot less than $1,030.00!  A trip to Home Depot and I was on my way to my vision!

The same look that was so expensive in the organizational store, I found at Home Depot in the organizational/storage aisle.  The Closet Maid line had everything I needed with instructions and ideas.  I chose the nickel finish which looks more expensive and better suited for an office.  Because I needed such a long shelf and due to the fact that the ready-made shelves were so much more expensive, I decided to go with raw wood, cut to my specifications, and then painted in beautiful leather brown.  For $102.00 plus tax, I did it myself as opposed to paying someone $1,030.00 for the same look.  Actually, I like mine better and you can’t beat the feeling of accomplishment that comes with do-it-yourself projects like this one.

Still not finished!  Join me next week for my office chair makeover.