I just discovered this web site and TV show called Donna’s Day starring PBS’s Donna Erickson that has really GREAT activities to do with your kids that are free or very little cost. The best part is that the activities are great for meaningful family time and they include highly motivating, fun, and educational projects.

PBS has a exciting new Donna’s Day TV series all about making family time count! I know for most of you, living in a family is about 90% chaos. The trick is trying to find a little order in all the confusion. And just when you think you’ve got it, the unexpected comes along and throws you completely off balance. You have to be a juggler. But amidst all the confusion, the unshakeable truth is that kids are our priority. They’re what we care about most. And it is possible to find ways to make the time we spend with our kids yield big results. That’s what Donna’s Day is all about.

Check out the episodes page and subscribe to the free newsletter. They made a terrarium out of an empty 2-liter soda bottle today and showed how to create an indoor hydroponic vegetable garden with an old aquarium and a $12 grow light! Hope you can find the TV show on your public TV station. I was really impressed!