I grew up eating pomegranates. I love the look of the fruit, the tart seeds, and I remember my brightly red-stained fingers and clothes as I tried my best to get those seeds. But just because I have fond memories doesn’t mean I want the same red fingers today. I have a reputation to keep up. Here’s the trick to seeding a pomegranate the easy way.


To easily seed a pomegranate, get a large bowl and fill it with water. Cut the pomegranate in half. While the pomegranate is submerged, proceed to seed the fruit underneath the water. This will prevent it from splattering. All of the excess rinds will float to the top, while the seeds sink to the bottom. Skim the surface of the water to collect all of the rinds. Drain the water out, and you are left with beautiful, clean pomegranate seeds, and no more stained fingers.