One of my husband’s pet peeves is food storage containers.  He hates them! Not for the value, they add to a kitchen, but because he can never, ever find the right lid for the right container. How many of us have been in his place?  You pull out a storage container, fill it with tonight’s leftovers, and then can’t find the right lid to fit.

Well, little does he know, his problems are solved.  And mine too, because I don’t have to listen to him rant any more.  Geri, as part of a birthday present, gave me two Rubbermaid New Premier Food Storage Containers.  And I love them!  Not only are they pretty to look at because of their gentle scrollwork in the plastic and cheery red (or black) lids, they don’t stain or pit like the cheaper brands.

And best of all, the lids actually attach to the containers, making it virtually impossible to misplace the top. Their Easy Find Lid design allows the lids to snap to the bottom of the containers for storage. I also find that I use the lid when the food comes out of the microwave. It’s too hot to handle, but snap the lid on the bottom and your fingers are protected.

From the Rubbermaid website:

Rubbermaid is introducing a new version of its Premier food storage containers in March 2010!

The NEW Premier is made with Tritan™ plastic that resists stains and odors. Plus, Premiers have Flex & Seal™ lids that are easy to seal and remove. Part of the Easy Find Lids system, Premier lids snap to bases and other lids for easy organization and nest together to take up less room in your cabinets.

Little does my husband know, he’s getting a 24-set of containers for Father’s Day (don’t worry, that’s only part of his gifts). Who says I don’t take care of my man!