Like Geri, I was fully prepared to not have a New Year’s Resolution for 2010. Why set me up for failure and despair?  I’ve tried the dieting resolution often enough to know that I don’t do very well with that one. At least not after the 3rd week of January.

Last December, I hosted my annual Christmas Swap Party for a handful of friends. This is something I enjoy doing…except for the stress of cleaning the house.  (My husband gave me the best present I could ask for by helping me greatly with this. But I digress…) It’s stressful because I once again focus on all the things I need to fix around the house. I imagine all my friends sitting there drinking wine, and taking in all the imperfections with judging eyes. Of course, they never do, or at least they don’t say anything, but it’s a very vivid image in my head.

As my house is aging along with me, I’ve noticed more and more parts are showing wear…again, like me.  So this year, my New Year’s resolution is to take a year to fix up the place.  This endeavor may challenge my sanity, my back, and my manicure, but there’s so much that needs to be done that I’ll suffer the consequences.

So beginning this month, January, I’ll fix and repair one thing a month. You may notice that I didn’t mention my husband in this endeavor. He’s a good man, loving father, and husband, but he does not do this stuff. I’ve known this all our married life, so you’ll have to watch me suffer alone. (Although Geri helps many times)bathroomlady1-1484805

Before any task or project, I search the internet for how-to guides and tips to make my chore simpler.  Most of the instructions out there consisted of 3-4 easy steps…what they don’t tell you is the reason I’m writing this blog series.  I’ll cover the real story with all the successes and failures. Think of it as my own little reality series!

Here’s all that could use some TLC, tackling them in no particular order:

  1. Re-grout and caulk my master bath shower stall
  2. Touch up and re-stain my baseboards
  3. Fill holes punched in the walls by doorknobs
  4. Refinish the hardwood floors in the kitchen
  5. Fix the drawer in the kitchen
  6. Reorganize the garage shelves
  7. Fix the folding door in the office
  8. Touch up paint on the deck
  9. Replace the caulk in the boys’ bathrooms
  10. Refinish the wooden built-in bench under the fish tank (ruined by the water)
  11. Refinish and stain my window sills
  12. Caulk the outside windows

And speaking of money, the bigger projects like #4 will totally depend on if I can raise the money.  Maybe if I set aside a little bit each month, then those will become a reality.

I’ll write about each job, the successes and heartaches, so stay with me. Offer words of encouragement or suggestions.  I could use some TLC too.