My name is Geri and I want to share a little about myself. I share my home with my husband of 28 years and my two sons, both in college and living at home. They are my greatest blessing. I am further blessed with loving and supportive family and friends.

I am an optimist who sees the glass half full.  Most days, “my cup runneth over”, but like so many of you, there are those days that I have to struggle to keep water in my glass. It is life’s struggles that keep us strong.

I am a California girl, born and raised. After a reluctant move to Arizona, I met my husband and welcomed our two sons before making the move to Colorado. As much as I love the mountains, nothing compares to the ocean. I still dream of that little cottage on the beach. You know, the ones in the Thomas Kinkade paintings – someday!

I am what my husband calls a “neat freak”; therefore, I drive him as crazy as he drives me with his lack of ability to pick anything up after it hits the floor. As hard as I try to keep things neat and organized, I do live with three men! Need I say more? I am passionate about the organization. I find such enjoyment from organizing a simple drawer or an entire kitchen.

I am very motivated about saving money. Whether it is groceries or a home project, I find it very rewarding and challenging. I have what they call a champagne taste with a beer pocketbook, so a little creativity goes a long way. With a little advice and research, I have succeeded in many projects where I have saved huge amounts of money and felt a sense of pride in my accomplishments. So can you!

Thank you for joining us as we Strive to Simplify!