What better way to honor your Father on Father’s Day!  Put pen to paper and let him know what he means to you.  It will be a cherished memory for year to come!  Here is what I wrote to my wonderful, loving Father!!

Any man can become a Father; it takes someone special to be a Dad.  Biologically, I didn’t have a choice in who my Father would be, however, at age 26 I chose the man who I will call Dad for the rest of my life.

I was grown and married when my Mother chose her second husband, and I supported her new happiness and very quickly grew to love this man as my own Father.  He didn’t have to care about me; he has 6 children of his own. But he opened his heart to include me, and I am grateful for that.  He has been more of a Father to me than I have ever known.

When both of my sons were born, he lovingly took on the role of doting Grandfather (Papa), and my sons both love him as their own.  His blood doesn’t run through our veins, but his love does.

My Dad is a retired policeman and at 82 years old (a very young 82) he stays active.   He keeps a meticulously beautiful yard filled with beautiful flowers and potted plants.  He is a very talented woodworker, and my home is filled with some of his handy work.  My Dad is an avid sports fan and loves to read anything about history.  I still think he would have made a great history teacher.

Every summer, since 1991, my boys and I made the trip from Colorado to Arizona to spend three weeks with our family.  It was important to me that my boys grew up knowing how special their Papa and Mema are–I did not want the miles between us to take away from them making memories that will last a life time.  It warms my heart to see the love between my sons and their Papa and Mema, and to this day, with my sons being 21 and 24, they still look forward to making that trip.arizona-diamond-backs-300x219-1random%

During that time Dad would drive us all over the country on our memorable vacations together.  He even braved a two week drive from Arizona back to Washington D.C., New York, and everywhere in between.  We have been to Monterey, San Diego, Las Vegas and the list goes on.  These are memories in time with my Mother and Dad that my sons and I cherish and will hold on to for a life time!!

So thank you Dad for taking on the role of being my Father and my son’s Grandfather, and for calling me your daughter–for that, I love you!