We, women, have an obsession with shoes and purses.  The bigger the purse the better, the higher the heels, well at least our legs look better, but at what cost?  Let’s talk purses for now.

I know from experience just how a large purse can impact our health.  It is suggested by many that 8 to 10 pounds of a purse that we carry can cause strain and injury to our shoulders and our neck.  So what can we do?  We know we are not going to give up carrying purses.  True, but maybe we can look at the size of our purses and question why we feel it is necessary to carry everything in there but that proverbial kitchen sink.

Purse designers are aware of this concern and are creating some beautiful cross-body bags that have all the glitz and glamour of our large bags.  Cross-body bags help to distribute the weight so as not to cause as much strain and injury.  Just keep in mind that the more you put in your purse the heavier it gets, so we need to be more conscious of what we really need to carry around.


I now keep a large tote that goes from the house to the car, and it stays in the car.  I keep everything in there that I could possibly need.  But, when I go into the store or mall I carry a small cross-body that has only the items I need for that trip.  I have learned to love the “hands-off” freedom of a cross-body bag and I have never run into the need for that kitchen sink!

Take my advice–get rid of your big purse, buy yourself a nice tote, some beautiful cross-body bags, and feel the freedom.