Last year, my New Year’s Resolution was to no longer make a New Year’s Resolution. We make plans, we buy stuff, we motivate ourselves and then as quickly as it began, it’s over! We realize that our plans were unrealistic and we fall back into our old routines and old habits. I say we just forget about putting ourselves through this yearly ritual.

This year I plan to make a realistic year-long commitment to my health. I won’t be buying a new piece of exercise equipment, nor will I put myself on a strict diet. I will not tell myself that I must eat this or that I cannot eat that. I will not tell myself that I must exercise every day–no guilt trips this year!

I will eliminate or cut back those things that I know are not good for me such as soft drinks, sugar and too much salt. My love affair with sugar will have to take a back seat to my desire to be healthy and look my best for my age. With that said, I will not beat myself up if I splurge over a Dr. Pepper while enjoying a lunch with the girls. Nor will I feel guilty for eating that slice of carrot cake on a special occasion. Life in moderation—I love that saying. Its meaning is simple; I don’t have to eliminate everything I enjoy in order to be healthy and happy.


So this year I will not get caught up in the diet craze. It is much simpler than that. I will eat more greens and vegetables. I will put less on my plate. I will exchange that piece of pie for a piece of fruit. I will try to remember to take my vitamins daily. I will take the stairs and park further away from the store. My goal this year is not about how much weight I lose; although that would be nice. Instead I will concentrate on living to be healthy and happy. Hopefully everything else will fall into place.

Carol and I wish you a very happy and prosperous new year filled with health and happiness.