spreadablebutter-300x225-1random%We love spreadable butter in our house.  It’s easy to spread right from the refrigerator, melts quickly, and tastes wonderful.  But the price can be costly for the spreads made from real butter.  My favorite brand costs over $3.00 a tub! After looking at the ingredients, I realized just how easy it is to make your own homemade version. This is a good way to stretch your dollar in the dairy case.


Buy your real butter and oil when there’s a sale, and don’t forget to use your coupons for extra savings.

Mix equal parts of butter and unsaturated vegetable oil (canola) or olive oil in a blender. It’s that easy.  Spoon into small storage containers and chill.  This butter spread can also be frozen.

This makes a healthful, good-tasting spread that’s budget friendly and heart healthy.