parker-gibbons-g7hb9vnbnv4-unsplash-1random%I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t love to receive a gift of baked goods.  But before you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, consider how your baked gifts will be received through the mail.  Skip those baked goods that are fragile or that may need to be refrigerated.

FedEx suggests the following:

Line a plastic or tin container with crumpled wax paper.  Layer sweets with sheets of the paper to keep them from sticking together (use plastic wrap to separate different types of goodies to avoid flavor transfer, but don’t tightly wrap items, or they can get soggy).  Fill any gaps with crumpled paper.  Use packing tape around the lid.

Take a cardboard box at least two inches larger all around than your container.  Line it with bubble wrap or packing peanuts (newspaper just adds weight).  Put your container in; fill around it with padding.  Close the box and give it a shake.  Any shifting?  Add more padding.  Seal with tape and mark