I work predominantly with males, and one of my male coworkers was going to have his second child soon. My boss realizes that I love throwing fun creative parties for a frugal price (I had a baby shower for him too), so he asked me to throw my coworker and his wife a baby shower party. The couple knew they were having a girl, and with a household of all boys, I jumped at the chance! What fun buying little pink girlie things!

We all pitched in with what we could afford but we’re a small group. With about $50 that I collected, I had to buy plates, napkins, a card, ribbon, gift bag, food, and a respectable gift. I want to share how you can throw a frugal, thrifty, and fun baby shower.

The couple already has a 2-year-old son, so luckily they had a lot of the big items. I began with a pretty basket that was donated to me by a Longaberger basket consultant who worked in my group; that was a great addition to the overall gift since the couple can use the basket long after the child grows up. You can also use any large pretty basket.

We have a new large dollar store, the Dollar Tree, near our house. I knew I could find some great items to add to the basket. After lining the basket with pale green tissue paper, I arranged all the items in the basket, placed it down into the cellophane bag, made the bow, and tied it all up. I tied the rattle to the bow, and tucked the rose into the middle of the bow. I actually forgot to include the mesh bags, but it turned out for the better. I placed the extra diapers that I couldn’t fit into the basket into one of the mesh bags, and tying the balloons to it, used it as my balloon anchor. The mesh bags are wonderful to hang wet tub toys, or to use for a number of handy uses.


It turned out so cute! The plates, ribbon, picture frame, and rattle all had the same pink and lime green color. Even the mesh bags were lime green! I was really proud how everything color coordinated. The Longaberger consultant loved the way I had decorated her donated basket and took lots of pictures of it to show at her parties.

Here’s what I found at the Dollar Tree to put in the basket, plus some other frugal finds from other sources:

  1. Square Paper Plates with Pink and Lime Green Flowers: $1
  2. Large Square White Napkins: $1
  3. Wired Ribbon with Pink and Lime Green Butterflies: $1
  4. Breck Lavender Baby Wash: $1
  5. Breck Lavender Baby Lotion: $1
  6. Breck Flushable Baby Wipes; $1
  7. Fisher-Price Newborn Socks with yellow trim – 3 Pack: $1
  8. Baby Spoons with Soft Pink Handles – 2 Pack: $1
  9. Bottle Brush with Pink Handle: $1
  10. Pink Snack Holders – 3 Pack: $1
  11. Lime Green Mesh Bags with Drawstring – 4 Pack: $1
  12. Small picture frame with Pink Flower: $1
  13. Greeting Card: $0.50 (cards are 2/$1 at Dollar Tree)
  14. 2 Mylar Helium Balloons; 1 Pink Heart, 1 Welcome Baby: $2 ($1 each)
  15. Clear Cellophane gift bag – 2 Pack: $1
  16. Pampers Newborn Diapers: $9.72/pack from WalMart
  17. Store Brand Desitin: $1.76 from WalMart
  18. Grandma’s Photo Album (Wrapped & New): $0.75 from garage sale
  19. Rubber Duckies; Mommy and Baby – New: Donated by Geri
  20. Rattle with Pink and Lime Green Rings: $2 from WalMart
  21. Artificial pink rose: FREE from around my house

Dollar Tree Total: $15.50 WalMart Total: $14.62 Misc. Total: $0.75 Gift TOTAL: $30.87 (excludes tax)

With the money left over, I bought the following food. Look for specials on in-season fruit and use your coupons if possible! I’ve always wanted to make one of those cute baby carriages carved out of a watermelon. It was relatively easy, and this was a big hit with both the women and men attending the shower.

  1. Whole watermelon
  2. Pineapple
  3. Strawberries
  4. Blueberries
  5. one Orange
  6. 4 grapes
  7. Individual sponge cakes: 2 packs of 6 each
  8. Cheese tray with 4 different varieties
  9. Whipped cream: FREE from my house

TOTAL: almost $20

Watermelon Baby Carriage
If your melon is wobbly, cut a small piece off the bottom to flatten the underside. Carve out the watermelon, and chop the reserved melon into chunks for the fruit salad. (You’ll have more than you need!) You can add a decorative edge to the top if you like. Save the extra rind for the carriage handle. Cut the rest of the fruit into bite-sized pieces. Mix with the watermelon chunks. Fashion a stroller handle out of the leftover rind using my picture as a guide. Attach the handle to the body with toothpicks. Slice the orange into 4 pieces, and using the grapes too, attach with large toothpicks to the melon for the carriage wheels.

I brought the carved melon unassembled to work in a large white plastic trash bag, and the fruit salad separately in a large covered bowl that I kept refrigerated. Right before serving, place the carriage on a platter, assemble the handle and wheels, and spoon the salad into the melon. Serve the fruit salad with the sponge cakes, whipped cream and cheese tray.

This simple yet elegant party served about 18 guests, and everyone had a wonderful time. The gift basket and food were a big hit, and the 2-year-old loved playing with the balloons.