So…I’m in the mood again to change something up! I’m in that plotting and planning mode that drives my hubby crazy!! This time? The master bedroom–again!

A little history first. My husband and I bought our bedroom furniture in 1991. A new home and two small children dictated what we could afford. We came home with one armoire and two bedside chest of drawers made of solid oak.  Not my first choice (or even my second choice), but within our budget and sturdy enough to survive the years.  I have had a love-hate relationship with that furniture ever since.

037-e1440868836138random%In 2010 I decided I couldn’t live with that oak any longer, so I made some big changes.  Please check out my blog on that first master bedroom redesign.  Then come back to see my small subtle changes made in 2015!

018-e1440868878518random%Present day…I STILL can’t part with that stupid oak-now-white furniture. I like that my armoire hides away my flat screen TV, and they don’t make bedroom furniture like that anymore!  But I still want to make a few little changes, thanks to my obsession with Pinterest! So here’s what I did!


imgp2936-e1440868993919random%I lightened the furniture up a little using Valspar’s “Cream“. Last year I bought a few rolls of paintable wallpaper border on clearance for only $1 a roll. I had no clue what I was going to do with the rolls…but I do now! I ran the border horizontally along the face of each drawer of the armoire and bedside chests and then painted. It took two coats of paint to seal the border well. I also, added a bit of crown molding to the top of the armoire for only $9. I repainted and reused the old knobs with the exception of my two butterfly knobs that I found at Hobby Lobby for only $2.50 each. I made small subtle and inexpensive changes, but just enough to make me love it for another 5 years. At this rate, I suspect this furniture will be with us for a very long time!!