The holidays have passed and there are still nuts in their shell left in my Christmas nut bowl that adorns my table every year.  The family has grown tired of them and so they sit. But what can you do with the leftovers?

Here are a few ideas that come to mind.


  1. Fill a large bowl:  Geri gave me a beautiful birdbath last year and it adorns my front hallway.  For the holidays, I placed a large candle in the center with lovely Christmas balls.  Afterward, I replaced the decorations with mixed nuts.  The variety of colors in the shells look lovely with the red glass. You could easily use a large dish or a beautiful bowl.  When the weather gets nice, I’ll put the birdbath with the nuts out in the yard.
  2. Feed the squirrels and birds: Put the nuts out in your backyard.  Birds need the three essential unsaturated fatty acids (linolenic, linoleic, and arachidonic acids) to keep their skin and feathers healthy, among other benefits. Essential fatty acids require Vitamin E for absorption and nuts provide it in the proper balance. Be sure the nuts are not old or stale.
  3. Freeze them: If the nuts are still relatively fresh, put them in the freezer where they will keep fresh until you can use them.
  4. Shell them:  This takes work but you’ll have a nice supply of nuts for cooking throughout the year.  Store them properly once shelled.
  5. Make a Fall Nut Wreath:  You’ll be way ahead of the game for next autumn.  Start with a wreath form, and using your glue gun, attach the nuts to the form.  Fill in holes with moss and cinnamon sticks.  It’ll be beautiful on your front door.
  6. Make Nut Christmas ornaments: Again, use your glue gun to group clusters of nuts together. Add a pretty ribbon and you’re ready for hanging.
  7. Make a Cute Critter: Paint walnuts, add some paper ears, paint on a cute face like a kittie, and you have a cute critter.